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What’s the World’s Most Dangerous Tree?

Tree next to water

There are a lot of dangers out there in life, including big storms, wild animals and even wet floors. Sometimes just leaving your house is dangerous. But, did you know that trees can also be dangerous? That’s right.

There’s an official Guinness World Record for the “World’s Most Dangerous Tree,” and it’s held by the Manchineel tree from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. The Manchineel’s bark is covered in sap that causes skin to blister and can blind a person if it gets in their eyes. Even standing under the tree in the rain can cause blisters because the sap will drip onto skin.

The tree’s fruit, known as the “beach apple” or “death apple,” is slightly sweet but very painful to eat. Ulceration of the mouth and esophagus will occur from just a small bite and consumption can be lethal. Smoke from burning manchineel wood can cause blindness, and the sap has historically been used to coat arrows for hunting. Today it’s an endangered species in Florida.

Since we don’t have any Manchineel trees in California, you’re safe, but always make sure to keep your trees and bushes well-maintained, because falling trees can also be very dangerous, especially during stormy weather. Be prepared the Boy Scouts say. And remember-Safety is No Accident!

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